Tuesday, 2 February 2016

List Of Free Or Cheap Browsing In Nigeria For February 2016

We are in the month of February 2016 and for me things are still better in terms of cheap or free browsing from our two indomitable network MTN and Etisalat. Yes this two network i will say purposely gave us free or affordable cheap data for our browsing and downloading.

For me i don't talk about airtel and Glo as they are too poor in my area, airtel i think is the fastest network in North and Glo being in the south west. If you are still spending huge amount of money for your internet data subscription, you should stop it as i will analyze them one by one.

Cheap and free Internet Browsing for the month of February 2016 


I will start from mtn as they are probably the most used network in Nigeria. Mtn has list of internet subscription but the ones i will recommend to all is mtn BB10 Bis and music plus.

Mtn BB10 Bis

This is almost going to 2yrs since mtn BB10 Bis have been working on all device through Internet tunnel softwares, and the data subscription is very affordable for everyone as the least goes for N70 per 5GB. If you are interested in this plan just dial *123# and select data services, select BlackBerry and BB10 then choose the best plan for your needs. You should note that this is for BB10 device so anything that isn't BB10 won't work direct but will require a tunnel software to connect it with your device.

But for other BlackBerry users you have to choose between Bis or BBC as they are Unlimited but does not work for any other operating system even on BB10 phone.

Mtn Musicplus 

Mtn music plus is another one but it is free of charge ie it doesn't require one to have kobo on the sim, for some people they no longer get the 150mb frequently but for some like me i can get it lest 5 times at stretch. If you want to enjoy this it's is better to have up to 10 Sims and if you are a heavy mobile phone user, please stay clear as it will not fulfil your needs.

To get Mtn Musicplus 150mb, send D to 5900 and after it is exhausted, Send I to 5900 and if you exhaust it as well send Cancel7D and start afresh.


For etisalat the network which is known to have extreme expensive data plans for their subscribers, but hey there's a way to enjoy etisalat free of charge or at a cheap rate.

Etisalat Smart Pak(social and chat pack) 

Etisalat smart pak is almost one year plus since it started on December 2014 but we got to know about using it for free on July 2015. Etisalat smart pak is only mearnt for free Internet access to all your social media application in your smartphone but it was tweaked to work on every internet application on your device(Android and iPhone) through the use of tunnel softwares like Psiphon handler, openvpn connect, tweakware and simple server(stopped working as at now).

Etisalat Smart pak is categorized into 3 but we use only social media and chat pack. If you want to subscribe to the plan dial *200# and choose data and select smart pack which is 1 and 2 but social media is better to chat pack. For social media select daily or weekly and and well for chat pack. If you want to know more about it just check on this site as there are many topics about this plan.

Etisalat N0.0k Magic Ip Free Browsing 

This is probably the one that am using for now, some finds it stressful but me am enjoying it a whole lot more. In this magic ip you are not required to have a kobo on your etisalat sim as it is free of charge but requires patience. This tweak requires a very powerful ip and port to be able to bypass etisalat network firewall and it also involves the use of Psiphon Handler or Syponshield Handler. Need more about it and how to set it up, the topic is already on this blog homepage so go there and read up.

Where airtel comes first is direct internet access like their airtel weekend data plan, airtel Night Plan though mtn and etisalat too offer weekend data plan now. Glo has its own but you can't compare it with the above especially if you are looking for unlimited data plan or extreme cheap data bundle plan.

So that's is it guys, if you know any other which i didn't mention here, please and please you have to share with us what you got and you can do that through the comment box thanks.



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  1. My MTN bblite 1 day is not working, have mtn detected my Sim. Please what is the way out

    1. When did you subscribed, did it browse for once and you downloaded, what tunnel software are you using and the Settings as well. State it here let me know where the problem is from.