Sunday, 14 February 2016

Google Celebrate Valentine With Lots of Doodles

Today being 14th February is marked a day of love almost all over the world Valentines day which is celebrated every 14th February.

Valentines day is a day of love to our love ours, friends and family, well wishers and also to the poor and needy. In the true sense of Valentine which Valentine is a person probably a priest who was killed because he was actually helping Christians to stop fornication by wedding them as that time in Rome, soldiers were bound never to get married.

But if you see the case of what is happening in our country today on Valentines day is actually against what the man fought and died for(to stop fornication among the young unmarried ones).

So Google Celebrated today with their Google Doodles to mark today being lovers day. Please celebrate it in the right way and hope you won't regret your action after six months of medical check up.



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