Friday, 12 February 2016

Facebook App The Battery And RAM Killer

Facebook app was developed in order to help us access Facebook easily and to also receive notification messages on our device. But reports has it that it also has a huge disadvantage as it drains battery life of a device and also reduce RAM of the device too there by making it to run slow especially on a low ram smartphone.

There are many apps that does such but Facebook app is the worst as it drains the very best features of a smartphone the battery and the RAM. Most of us love to have it installed on our device for easy access but the issue is if you have a low ram starting from 2GB RAM and wants your device to be faster, don't try and install Facebook application especially if you have other similar apps like WhatsApp which also takes a huge lots of space in ram.

You have a poor battery capacity, Facebook app will also help and drain it faster than the normal rate. If you have poor battery life please it is recommended to use Facebook on your browser likely opera, Firefox or chrome etc so as to preserve your battery and your RAM as well.

Why what's a application is better than Facebook is because you can force stop it and you won't receive any messages as it won't be running in the background but with Facebook, it will automatically connect itself especially for Android. IOS users complain same thing but it seems Facebook isn't going to do anything about it and if you care to check the rating on play store, it is 4.0 which is too poor for such huge popular application.

Even though they seems to be updating their app very often but the problem is still there which is battery and ram draining especially on Android smartphone.

Is Facebook app Draining your battery and RAM, how did you stopped it, by deleting the application or what method. Please i will like to hear your own opinion on this thanks.



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