Saturday, 6 February 2016

Etisalat Magic ip Is Still Working

Reports has it that Etisalat N0.0k magic ip have been blocked by etisalat which one can no longer be using it again to browse and download for free but the truth is that magic ip is still working.

Well maybe i will say for me, which am currently using it to post. Some are saying it is now a location issue that it is not working for some people in a particular state. I don't know for that but for me am currently in Enugu State and am still using the etisalat N0.0k magic ip with my etisalat old line.

I've said this before, for you to enjoy this tweak your phone must have high speed Internet data connection or else it won't connect as well as your location should also have a superb etisalat connection.

This is the ip that i am currently using with etisalat N0.0k ip with syponshield Handler v102 which takes up to 20mins to connect, so give it a try if you have been using this etisalat N0.0k magic ip.  Got any questions to ask, feel free and ask your question thanks.

This ip is working superbly  using it to comment, takes 5mins to 10mins to 20mins to connect happy Sunday everyone. 



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  1. settings of the eti 0.0kb

  2. 3128.., using it to make this very comment with netify and it doesn't disconnect till 24hours

  3. Please the handler settings.

  4. Go to Etisalat N0.0k ips page, the Settings are there.

  5. Am so enjoying eti magic IP
    Using it to comment now

  6. Amaechi plz upload new magic ip coz d last 1 u uploaded is nt working for me.

    Good morning guys