Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Best Power Bank To Buy For Your Mobile Device

Having made a post on how to identify fake and original power bank, what's next is the best power bank to purchase for for your mobile device . There are so many portable power banks with different brand names some sound extremely local and inferior while some looks good but it not what power bank is all about.

Like i said in my previous post that it is good to go for the best power bank so as not to damage your phone or battery and if it is non removal that's worst. In Nigeria we don't have so many good quality mobile power bank but i will list the best for you and also how to identify the original ones.

Best power bank to buy for your mobile device 

If you are living in Nigeria, below are the list of best power bank that is sold in the country.

Romoss Power Bank 

This is one of first power bank that came into the country, msnufactured by a Chinese company though all power banks sold here are Chinese products. One thing is there are so many fake romoss power bank in the country but there's one thing that helps to identify original romoss power bank. Check the pics below:

Original Romoss Power Bank 
Do you see that symbol on the romoss power bank above, that's romoss symbol, if you want to buy romoss power Bank and didn't see that symbol instead another thing, bro leave it cause it is pure fake.

Xiaomi Power Bank 

Xiaomi Power Bank is another good quality mobile power bank to get food you device and like wise romoss, there’s so many fake xiaomi Power Bank in the market but check the pic below to identify original xiaomi Power Bank.

Original and fake xiaomi Power Bank 

In xiaomi original power Bank the inside of the charging is milk in colour while the fake one is white in colour.

Anker Power Bank 

Anker power Bank is very strong but one thing with this power bank is that it is very costly here in Nigeria but there's no fake or maybe very rare to spot one.

Pineng Power Bank 

Another super power bank for your smartphone, as it is popular, there’s so many fake in the market and below are pics on how to identify fake and original.

These are the best portable mobile power bank that i love so much, i have xiaomi and romoss and is been up to 2yrs now especially romoss and they are still working perfectly okay for me. My romoss Sense 4 10400mAh charges my battery capacity of 3000mAh up to 5 good times from 0-100%.

You can buy these power banks online like Konga and Jumia but i always prefer Konga cause there's so many original sellers than Jumia.

If you want to order Romoss power Bank from Konga click below - Romoss Power Bank

To order for xiaomi and other power bank from Konga, click below

There are other portable power bank that are good like Samsung power bank, OnePlus power bank and lumsing power bank but bear in mind that these power bank are the best power bank sold in Nigeria.
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  2. eti chat pack ip please

  3. I want to know if those solar powerbanks are good and if they charge their own battery from Zero to full...or they just maintained the current thats in them

    1. If you want to buy power bank here in Nigeria, don't go for solar cause many of them are complete fake unless you buy it from alixpress but i must say i won't recommend anyone to buy solar power bank

  4. No I dont think so Solar PowerBanks dont work because I am using it for last 6 months still I have not face any problem. Thanks for giving such an important information to us. Keep Updating

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