Monday, 1 February 2016

Introducing Another Tunnel Software For Free Browsing Netify

Some sent a tunnel software application called netify that it is now on the trend, faster than Psiphon Handler and syponshield Handler. Okay i downloaded it but noticed that it is a Psiphon Handler remoded probably Psiphon Handler Pro but kinda better than the Pro Lite.

The netify tunnel software is different in the interface(the layout) and it isn't fantastic and it doesn't features more option menu so you can't select a country of your choice like the psiphon handler or Syponshield Handler.

Netify tunnel app is faster in connection that is it connects very fast with etisalat social or chat pack and kinda fast too with etisalat N0.0k magic ip but hey it doesn't bypass speed throttling on its own.

Netify can also be used with mtn BB10 Bis and music plus tweak or any other which might come up as it is a tunnel software like simple Android server, openvpn connect, Psiphon Handler, syponshield Handler, tweakware and http injector.

It doesn't require root access and is powered by a vpn so no need of autoproxy or proxydroid on this application just like Psiphon handler and syponshield Handler.

Download Netify tunnel softwares below
Netify APK

 How to use Netify on Etisalat Smart Pak(social pack and chat pack) 

  1. Download and install Netify
  2. Launch the app and it will exactly look like Psiphon handler menu 
  3. Input the Settings just like Psiphon handler 
  4. Select real host as this is etisalat smart pack not magic ip 
  5. Input,, or ip and port) ip and port)  
  6. In real proxy type select http and in port input 80 
  7. Click save and you might be confused on what to do next 
  8. Click on the ninja pic above 
  9. It will take you to where to input ip and port 
  10. If you don't want to use ip don't tick connect through Http Proxy 
  11. But if you want to use ip and port tick it and also tick use the following settings 
  12. Then input your ip and port.      

How to use Netify with etisalat N0.0k magic ip 

The only thing that changed here is that you will select reverse proxy instead of real host and input any working magic ip and port. No other changes with the etisalat N0.0k magic ip.

Have questions to ask, feel free to ask happy new month everyone.



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  1. kinda confusing, let me take a cup of milk and will be right back

    1. Yeah but at first glance, you see that ninja pic above on the netify, click on it and it will take you to where to put ip and port.

  2. I hope it doesn't have much ads?