Monday, 8 February 2016

Tutorial On How To Set Kodi On Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Evening everyone today's tutorial is on how to set you on your Android smartphone be it tablet or mobile phone is a very popular application which helps to watch live tv channels of different types of the whole world from this application. popularly known as xbmc especially when it was available for pc only but now it's available for every operating system. is an application that requires a plug-in for one to be able to watch live tv from this application, so without the plugins you can't watch any tv channel.
For today this tutorial will be for smartphone probably Android and next time maybe tomorrow will be dealing on the windows or pc version.

How to Set on your smartphone 
First of all go to and download kodi based on the operating system you are using, for Android download Android version, for ios download ios version, for Windows download Windows version. But if you notice, it's now on Google play store so Android users can look for it on play store.

After installing it, launch it and you will see a window like the pic below

How to install plug-ins on kodi or xbmc 

This is the main thing now that is the plugins and how to install them, will be dealing on popular plugins especially to watch live tv and sports events. Download the kodi and wait for me but i hope many are with me on this tutorial.

How to install superRepo
Go to System–>File manager

Click Add Source

Click “None”

Input the following URL

In the next box down type in the name SuperRepo

Then click OK

Press Back and click on System–>Settings.

Click Install From Zip file

Click on SuperRepo

Choose the version you want to install, you can choose gottham, or the latest version.

Click ALL

Click and install.

SuperRepo is now installed. To install a plugin / add-on from SuperRepo go back to System–>Stetting


Get Addons


Video Add-ons

 Select the plugin you want to install,you can select 1 Channel or any other

After installing the plugin go to Video-> Video Add-ons.

Some pluggins will update the first time they are used but at this point simply find a show / movie you want to watch, select a server and enjoy.

Note you can use this tutorial on pc too.

Next will be uploading more plug-ins which you can use to watch movies or live tv channels especially sports devil. Stay tuned.
  1. Am with everyday brother you really doing excellent job. Will love to have you on my whatsapp list. 08035942269 Thanks

  2. Anonymous tanx, check my contact page and you can add me.

  3. Sorry to ask but does it mean that after the plug in installations you get to watch em channels on your Android phone?

  4. Ikechukwu yes you will, @campus unite check my contact page for my information.

  5. bros d kodi tv is working well, and I notice something d kodi tv is very stable, even with low internet connection, my pisphonhandler vwas counting in duration witout sending or receiving d kodi tv was stil working well

  6. bros pls update plugin for sport and movie, especially sport bcos it wil replace dat dead Wss or football plus, d only function of Wss in my fone is to know wic channel is going to show match, I used mobdro to watch all d matches, mobdro is best sport streaming app ever

  7. pls update plugging for sport and movies, tanx for ur gud work

  8. Okay Kenny i will, just that am down with sickness at the moment.

  9. Okay Kenny i will, just that am down with sickness at the moment.

  10. Please how do I add source when I get to my file manager. Am using infinix zero 1 thanks. I have download the app

    1. Open the kodi, click file manager, scroll down to add source and click on it , click more, and then import the url.


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