Recap Of Glo Data Booster of 2.5GB At N1500 Or 1.8GB At N1200

Glo on this blog seems to be on a low key as i hardly talk about a, glo subscribers want to make a recap of the Glo Data Booster data plan where you can top up 1GB or 300MB to your existing 1.5GB monthly data subscription just by paying additional N500 or N200.

How to get Glo Data Booster 

· First you need to subscribe to the Glo 1k for 1.5GB monthly plan by dialling *127*53#

· To top up with either 1G  data for N500 or 300MB for N200, you should have the amount required on your glo sim, then dial *777# and reply with 1, then reply with 1 again, reply aga with 6 to select Data Booster and then reply with 1 to boost your data with 300MB or reply with 2 to boost data with 1GB

After that , your 1.5GB data will be boosted to either 2.5GB or 1.8GB depending on the booster data plan you choose and this lasts for a month.

To check for your available data balance at any time, simply dial *127*0#


  1. Pls Does this glo subscription work on iphone

    1. Yes all device. Android, Windows, iPhone and Java even BlackBerry.