Yeah Simple Server V4.0.0 VPN Now Free

Yessssssssss the developer of the very first and consistent tunnel software simple server(v4.0.0) vpn is now free, no more payment like before but it is loaded with ads unless you go for the premium which isn't free to use.

Okay this is how it goes the vpn for simple Android server v4.0.0 is free of charge, no more monthly payment to be able to use the vpn software, so as it is now you can use the vpn or the local server with this new version 4.0.0. This is indeed a good development but one thing with it is it is loaded with ads just like Psiphon Handler but if you don’t like or want the ads to display then go for the premium version which is paid version.

I told this to the tweakware guy(casts)  but he chooses to make money out from we Nigerians due to high cost of internet, but now simple server vpn is free hmmmmm this is going to be a bad fortune for him indeed.

Download simple server v4.0.0 here

Simple Android Server V4.0.0


  1. we are all waiting....... waiting for mtn and etisalat cheats via simple Android server...... please also provide a link for downloading it

  2. Please what's the name of this battery saver app?

    1. Eeemhmmm actually it's pre-installed with the phone. Lg battery saver.


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