Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Solution On How To Solve App Not Installed On Android

There are times when want to install an application on our android and it will be installing but at the end it will show app not installed and this happens when we are installing an application from our file manager not Google play store. We get confused especially those that are new to Android and some might think the problem is from their phone or the application they are trying to install is corrupt but the answer is definitely NO.

Reason why you are getting app not installed on Android 

The main reason you are getting app not installed when installing an application from your file manager is because of the following reasons;
  1. Trying to install an older app. What i mean by this is you have for example opera mini v10.1 installed on your device and then downloaded opera mini v9.0 and try to install it for it too overwrite the v10.1,it won't because the one installed on your device is newer and can't be overwrite by an older version. What you will do is to uninstall the version 10.1 to be able to install the version 9.0 but version 10.1 can overwrite version 9.0.
  2. Same app but different developer. Sometimes we see same application thinking that it is made by same person and when installing the application gets app not installed. When you see such apps like this even though the one you are trying to install is the latest version, you should know the application is from different developer made with different signatures and such can't overwrite one another. So what to do is to uninstall and install your desired app. 
  3. Your phone not being compatible. If your device isn't compatible with the application you will also be getting app not installed, it is required to check the application requirements to see if your device meet up with it. This one there's no way you will be able to install such application on your device. 
These are the major reasons you are getting app not installed on your Android device, when you see such at least you should know what to do and the reasons for that. 



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