Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Simple Android Server V4.0.0 Settings With Mtn Bis And musicplus

Simple Android Server gets better with the version 4.0.0 which allowed every user to have access to the the vpn which was initially paid subscription. With the vpn, you don't need root access whatsoever which includes no more autoproxy or proxydroid which requires root access.

You can use simple Android server v4.0.0 to browse the internet, chat with whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter etc and stream online without requiring autoproxy or proxydroid again. So if you have them installed on your device, you can calmly remove them as they are useless now. Am starting with mtn settings as i don't have active etisalat smart pack data now in the morning will try that.

Simple Android Server V4.0.0 Settings With Mtn Bis or music plus 

The only thing that changed with the previous settings is that you will select local server but now there's no need for that, select vpn server.
  1. Open your simple Android server v4.0.0 
  2. Click set connection mode and select vpn 
  3. Click connection settings and in proxy host and port input And 8080 
  4. Tick enable header tweaking 
  5. In tweak type select host replacement 
  6. In injection host input Web.blackberry.com or appworld.blackberry.com, for music plus it will be musicplus.mtnonline.com 
  7. In the vpn leave everything like it is unless you want to connect your hotspot 
  8. In local server, since we are not going to make use of this, there’s no need for it again. 
Lastly simple Android server no longer require one to use and 8080 in system network settings, so you can use any setting with or without ip and port. 

So this is simple Android server v4.0.0 settings with mtn BB10 Bis or music plus and if you still have problems with it, just drop your comments below.

Download Simple Android Server V4.0.0 APK

Download Simple Android Server V4.0.0

It seems some people are still not getting this simple server v4.0.0 settings at all, please it is better you uninstall your previous version and install this new one and configure it exactly how you see here without ticking or inputting any other thing. Just subscribed to bblited to confirm what some of you are saying for the the van to connect, again please in your system settings don't use any ip and port, use only APN which is Web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net 



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  1. vpn mode not working via etisalat social me pack...

  2. you the best.....

    long awaited simple server is back..

    thanks Mr...

    we will still be needing the vpn settings for hotspot if possible....

    can I use the bblite sub for it?
    ie bblited

    jah bless!

    1. Will check out the hotspot, this post is for mtn BB10 Bis ie bblited or bblitew etc and music plus.

  3. There is no Special Settings for VPN.
    Normal settings we have been using still working flawlessly

  4. I think I just noticed something unusual about SaS,,,, I sub for bblited,,, ie one day data plan,,, and immediately I exhausted the 10mb,,, simple android server stopped reading...

    why is it like that?
    am I the only one it is happening to?

    1. Ikenna no way cause my bblited data expired yesterday but am Still browsing with it till this morning though prefer etisalat N0.0k cause of network stability. Again the new Simple Server is in beta mode so try it with psiphon handler.

  5. I tried connecting d simple server but its displaying could not connect to d supplied address, wat am I getting wrong plz??

    1. Are you using mtn or etisalat, it is working with mtn with the above settings unless this issue just started now as the new Simple Server is in Beta mode ie testing mode.

    2. Not working for me. Just showing could not connect to the address supplied.any solution to this?

    3. You guys just made me to subscribe to mtn BB10 Bis now and for it to connect with the vpn. Did you follow the procedure here, please unistall your simple server and download it again then set it exactly the way it is written here.

  6. tells me couldn't not connect to supplied address...

    I now changed from vpn to local server and it started counting or reading with the help of autoproxy

  7. am using mtn...... tells me couldn't connect to supplied address... I now changed from vpn to local server with the help of a u to proxy and it started counting or reading.... could it be some thing is wrong with the vpn?
    cos it stopped immediately I was messaged that I have exhausted my 10mb

  8. now I want to know,,,, is mtn simple server unlimited? or does it have a capped Mb;?

    1. Mtn BB10 Bis isn't Unlimited capped at 5gig

  9. Please how can I download torrent files using mtn simple server on a pc??? Really need this info, hope you can help out. Thanks

    1. Omo you cannot download torrent files with simple server cause of the way it was developed. The only tunnel software that is capable of downloading torrent be it on mobile or pc is a vpn like openvpn connect or any other powerful vpn.

  10. I learnt simple server has a newer version... v4.1

    the old version is

    from google play store...

    are we free to update/download it?
    if yes will it ulter the settings?

    1. Just update it, the Settings will still remain the same even if it changes still configure it this way.