Saturday, 30 January 2016

Psiphon Handler Vs Syponshield Handler Vs Simple Server Which is The Best

Psiphon handler, syponshield Handler and simple server is now the three most used tunnel software in Nigeria but people tends to ask this question which of the tunnel software is the best to use for our network free browsing.
My answer to this type of question is it depends on the particular network and tweak that you are using to browse. Below is how i analysed them depending on the best it will be used for.

                                             Psiphon Handler 

Psiphon Handler comes with many variants starting from version 7.0 to 100 and pro version, but here the best.

  1. Psiphon Handler Padvance v100: If you are using etisalat smart pack or etisalat N0.0k ip but best is etisalat smart pack. 
  2. Psiphon Handler Pro Lite or Pro: This is undoubtedly the fastest Psiphon Handler to use as it connects very fast, i will recommend it to mtn BB10 Bis and music plus users as well as etisalat N0.0k ip. Reason is because mtn is now suffering from network problem(disconnection) but with psiphon handler pro it usually helps the problem a bit. 

                                             SYPONSHIELD HANDLER 

syponshield Handler is the remake of Psiphon Handler but from a different developer but syponshield seems to

be the best to use.
  1. Syponshield Handler v102: There are many syponshield Handler but version 102 and 1.3.3 is the best. For this version i recommend to people using etisalat N0.0k ip free browsing as it helps to connect faster and stable and lastly to know your connection log. 
  2. Syponshield Handler v1.3: i don't using this for etisalat N0.0k ip though some will disapprove this but for me it is best used for smart pack or mtn BB10 Bis. It doesn't connect faster with etisalat N0.0k ip and that's my reason for that. 
                                                                  Simple Server 

With simple server v4.0.0 we can now enjoy the vpn but still can't figure out why simple server isn't working for etisalat smart pak though it is still on beta modes as there are some bugs that i noticed, it is perfectly working for mtn BB10 Bis.

If we get the three apps together simple server will be the best now because it is very fast in downloading and now with the vpn free for all, you can use it on any Internet apps without autoproxy or proxydroid. Syponshield Handler comes second but my likeness for it is because of etisalat N0.0k ip and that's all. Syponshield Handler and psiphon handler is still the same with same download speed etc.

So guys this is my own view on the three most used tunnel software but if you have your own contribution to make please share with us as i would like to see people’s view on these tunnel softwares thanks.



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  1. exactly my take.....

    you just said my mind

  2. Simple server i think will be the best soon after some update that comes wit bug fixes update. Do you know u can use hotspot wit mtn bis / musicplus data with simple server wich sounds cool to me

    1. I noticed the bugs, will be waiting for the hotspot. You using mtn BB10 Bis or etisalat N0.0k ip

  3. Pelumi i must commend on you because you first let me know about the new Simple Server, thanks bro and hope you are using etisalat N0.0k cause is what am using now and no speed throttling.

  4. Replies
    1. You like jwp?, wow used to like that app during Nokia Symbian days but with Android, can't compare it with psiphon syponshield or Simple Android server. Thanks for your contribution bro.

  5. Bro dont thnk me, youre are doin a great job here all kudos to Yu... I haven't used that in a couple of weeks now, i use mtn BIS

  6. Bro dont thnk me, youre are doin a great job here all kudos to Yu... I haven't used that in a couple of weeks now, i use mtn BIS

  7. Guys is mtn bis still working? Please I need a sure configuration for psiphon82handler help me

    1. Mtn BB10 Bis is Still working, Psiphon Handler 82 is out dated. In your Psiphon Handler select real host and in proxy server input or, scroll down to real proxy type and select http, click save and in the ip and port input And 8080 but make sure you tick connect through Http Proxy.

    2. Thanks, which version of psiphon is the best the stuff bro?

    3. For Mtn Bis use Psiphon Pro Lite.

  8. I have been using PsiphonAdvanced but BTW P-Advanced and Psiphon pro lite which is the best please

  9. Thanks I have both pro lite 82handler