Thursday, 21 January 2016

How to Make Text Appear Big, Small or Medium On Android Phone

Having small or smaller text on your Android phone isn't that great especially if you have a bad eye sight or using a glasses as it makes you to strain your eyes when looking into your phone, though it is also not good to have extra bigger text on your phone.

Some people don't know how to adjust the size of text on their android device especially those that are new to Android phone but will be discussing on how to set your desired text and best recommended for your eyes.

How to make text appear bigger or smaller on Android phone 

Android phones are same even though is of different brands and variants so this guide covers all Android phones.

Accessibility settings: Go into Settings, scroll down and select Accessibility, then look for the Large text toggle switch. Set this to 'on' to increase the size of the font used in your phone's interface and certain apps.

Display settings: Go into Settings, then tap Display, and then Font size. You'll be presented with a menu from which you can select Small, Normal, Large or Huge. Select the one you want, and the interface and content of certain apps will now be displayed in text that size.

Using the volume rocker (Samsung users)

This feature is for Samsung users only though am not sure if other smartphone brands have copied Samsung on this feature. When reading a text message, simply toggle the volume rocker up and down to increase or decrease the font size.

If you ask me the best size for text on your phone, i will say medium text size unless you are shortsighted then i would recommend big text.



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