Introducing Another Live Football Stream Application

Love for football have made many Android developers to continue to develop lots of live streaming football apps for us to stream live matches on our android device. Before it's very rare to see such and with our costly pay tv channels you can say bye bye to them as long as you have unlimited data and your device.

We have so many of them like mobdro, wss, sports TV, ustream, sybla TV and kodi, now we have mobi Kora. Some of you might be aware of this live football Stream app but not all and that's why am introducing it to you guys today.

Mobi Kora  for Android 

Mobi Kora football Stream app is just like sybla TV or ustream but mearnt for only football that is it streams live football matches not sports TV, so if there's any live football match it will start to show the commentary that is 15mins to the match but the resolution isn't sharp like sports TV or wss which makes it to consume extremely less internet data. But it has three categories of screen resolution which you can choose from to stream your live football match and lastly it shows all leagues be it epl, LA liga, Bundesliga, seria a, and other European and Latin America club matches.

One disadvantage of this app is that it is written in Arabic, but with clubs badge you will know the teams.

Download mobi Kora below

Mobi Kora APK


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