Etisalat Social or Chat Pack Tweak And Simple Server

People have been asking me about etisalat smart pack settings with simple server as it's no longer working again with both social and chat pack tweak. I downloaded simple Android server from Google play store and tried countless working ips and host servers but all to no avail.

Why simple server is not working with etisalat social or chat pack 

There was a time etisalat smart pack tweak stopped working for both simple server and psiphon handler with real host and ip, i figured out another host server to use but it worked on psiphon handler and refused to work on simple server. I tried as many ips as i could still not working instead it will continue to read but won't connect and i thought it might be a simple server problem but when i tried it with mtn BB10 Bis and music plus it was working perfectly fine and fast on both host and inject query.

It makes me to conclude that as at now simple server is not working with etisalat smart pack but PLEASE IF IT IS WORKING FOR YOU PLEASE DROP YOUR SETTINGS ON THE COMMENT BOX BELOW. But i won't stop here as i will continue to try other social media host servers cause this is where the problem lies, thanks for your understanding.

@Anonymous follow this is to download it Download here

I found out that my comment box isn't showing at times, please if you are experiencing same thing let me know through my email address so as to know if it is not just me and what to do. 


  1. Wow okay bro heard, though using Psiphon Handler and enjoying it.

  2. download link for Psiphon Handler

    1. You have seen it, couldn't comment on the time of you posting.


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