Friday, 29 January 2016

Why Etisalat N0.0k Ip is Not Working For Your Phone

Etisalat N0.0k is still working but some people usually say that it haven't worked for them for once or not ips are working for them and this is definitely true but there's a reason for that and that is what i will be discussing right below.

Why etisalat N0.0k is not working for your phone 

The reason(s) why etisalat N0.0k is not working for you are listed below;
  1. Your mobile Phone: your mobile phone is the very major reason why this etisalat N0.0k ip is not working for you. This tweak takes at times takes long before it connects and therefore required a phone that is its internet connection is high. For example this tweak doesn't connect on my lg g2 D802 but connects on my Galaxy s4 and this is due to the fact that my lg g2 D802 only shows H while Galaxy s4 shows H+ during internet connection. So you need a phone that has a high speed Internet to be able to use this tweak. 
  2. Low or poor Network: poor network hinders one from using this tweak as well, if you don't have etisalat 3g network it makes it difficult to connect with the ip. So you are having poor etisalat network in your area, this tweak can give you a headache before it connects. 
  3. Impatient: Thanks to the person that introduced this tweak i tell you he got lots of patient in him. Etisalat N0.0k requires an extreme patience for it to connect, sometimes it can take up to 40mins before it connects but highest for me is 20mins or else i leave it. Please if you are going to use this tweak please you have to be patient for it to connect like highest 20mins and if it didn't then you can say it is not working. 
TThese are the major reasons why etisalat N0.0k ip isn't working for you, got questions to ask feel free to ask. 



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  1. There is better simple server update out now and guess what? Vpn is now free

  2. Am yet to find a working ip... Do you have any admin?

    1. I will update it soon, it's not easy to get at all. Why do you ask if i have admin, would like to know your reason sir.

  3. @john have posted it on the right page.