Best Movie Stream Application For Android And Ios Device

Best Movie stream apps to stream movies on your Android, ios smartphone

If you have been using your smartphone to watch movies, you will noticed that some movie apps have been blocked like the likes of showbox, if your showbox is still working please notify me immediately cause mine isn't working again.

But there two apps that you can use to enjoy your movies on your Android and Ios device even on windows too and all this requires a data connection, would advise etisalat social pack as it is unlimited but you can still use mtn daily BB10 Bis to stream the movies.

Two best working movie app for Android and Ios device 

Popcorn Time
This app was recently launched so it is still in beta mode as at now but the application is loaded with lots of movies but new and old, animation for cartoon lovers and series movies for seasonal movie lovers. You can also download or maybe choose to stream only with Popcorn Time and the video quality is okay depending on the movie.

Popcorn Time for Android and Ios

Note this Popcorn Time is for Android, ios and Windows users even Mac so the application is universal. Download Popcorn Time below;
Popcorn Time

Formally known as HD Cinema, Movie HD is a very superb movie application to stream your favorite movies, animation or cartoons and TV series right on your smartphone be it Android or ios and the movie quality are always on Higher dimension(HD). Movie HD is only available for Android and Ios users only and the movies are free to watch without any charges or premium version.

Download Movie HD here

If you have any movie stream application that is working for all operating system please don't forget to share with us here thanks, happy new year everyone.

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