Thursday, 14 January 2016

See 10 Year Old Wonder Kid Who Scored Full Marks in Java Exam Within 18mins

10-year-old kid Ronit Shah makes India and the relative feel proud after he scores 100% in his Java exam, the more shocking news is, this kid completes the test within 18 minutes which less obviously less than the given period time of 150 minutes.

Ronit Shah had never before attempted any exam related to Java but we know that in today’s world also some special paradigm are getting born but very rare to make the path like this success, Ahmedabad-based Ronil Shah proved that paradigm still exists in today’s generation also and we think this will more increase as the movement of the world is extremely faster in technological term.

Rohin who is currently studying in standard five from the Euro School in Ahmedabad, now he popularly known as JAVA Champion said, love for computers and constant practice helped him crack the difficult exam.

"I developed so much love for computers that I started learning animation, coding programming after standard 1. I took a holiday to practise for JAVA standard edition 6 program exam. I used to reach my computer institute to practise at11.30am and come home by 6 pm. That is how I managed to complete my online exam in 18 minutes". 
Now his main focus in the field of robotics, advanced JAVA, iOS and Android, he wants to work on Robotis as Google have developed their robots.



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