Friday, 27 May 2016

Use Gravity Screen On/Off To Unlock Your Android Phone Without Touching The Screen

It's good to always try new Android app features and uses, and today i choose to let you people know about gravity screen on/off which helps in unlocking your Android device screen without touching it.

Some of you already know about the application but want to share it especially for those that doesn't know about the gravity screen on/off.  Gravity screen on/off all helps those that are too lazy or finds it difficult to type in their password or draw on their screen and lastly it also a battery saver..

How to use Gravity Screen On/Off today unlock your Android device without touching the screen 

1. Install and open Gravity Screen On/Off for Android.

2. Tap ON to activate the app.

3. Take a look at the settings listed, and carefully read what they all mean.

4. Select Lying Face Up if you want to lock your device when it's facing up on a table.

5. Save battery by turning the screen on by proximity or choose to turn it on by motion.

6. Select Timeout to limit the parameters and sensitivity.

7. Choose if you want to keep your screen on by small movements, which helps when reading long texts.

8. Finally, disable lockscreen if you're at home and don't care about others invading your privacy.

Go to Google play store and search for Gravity Screen-On/Off  and download it from there.



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  1. Lets every one try this app,its very good

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  3. I have tried it already. The first time admin talked about it

  4. Hope it doesn't unlock when inside a pocket. That's the issue

  5. Good app but fear of someone getting to my phone easily,might make me pass on it.