Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Basic Tips On How To Stop An Unwanted App From Using Your Limited Mobile Data

Having a smartphone(Android) is very sweet and useful to most of our needs, but sometimes having Android device without an internet access might seem worthless cause there are some android apps that work with the internet and it's very rare for our network providers to offer us Unlimited access to the Internet there by making one to be very conscious of the limited data one has.
Android device is built in such a way that apps runs in the background and if the application requires an internet access, your data bundle will be deducting as the app continues to run in the background and if you are on a limited data plan you wouldn't want or like this at all and would look for a way to stop it. This now leads to the main topic on how to stop unwanted app from using or accessing your mobile data bundle.

How to stop unwanted app from using or accessing your mobile data bundle 

The very first step to take is to go to your device settings, application manager and select the apps or app you want to stop and click force stop. This usually stop the application from running in the background but in the case you updated the app on play store, it might start running in the background again like the Facebook messenger.

Another step to take is to go to your device settings and mobile data usage, you will see several applications that are using your internet data, click on any particular app you want and tick limit to the internet. The application will be automatically disconnected from accessing your internet data until you untick it.

Another method is to use an application called Netguard which acts like a firewall there by blocking an unwanted app from your mobile data or WiFi. This application was so popular during the the time of Nokia Symbian phones and it plays similar role in Android device as well, and you can also disable your maps or GPS with this Netguard. Click the option menu and you will be presented with all your apps, tick the ones you want to disable or stop from using your mobile data or WiFi.

There are many things to do with this application apart from disabling your internet apps.

Download Netguard here

With this you can optimize and save your data to last longer for you. If you have other means to stop unwanted apps that uses internet not to run in the background, please share with us thanks.



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  1. You've said it all, i use the first and second methods above

  2. Background data restrict dats wat am using

  3. Opera Max works just fine as well..... even shows you accurate date usage

  4. Thanks @anonymous, never carer to check opera max, will try it.