Monday, 21 December 2015

Speed Up Your Low Internet Connection With These Android Apps

Having a very slow intetnet network speed is very annoying and frustrating especially when streaming or downloading with your smartphone ,sometimes you feel like to stop the downloading or streaming which you are doing. We experience this when we are in a remote area with a low network connection or probably our network at the moment is bad and sometimes it could be from our network providers which throttles the internet network speed.

There are some android apps which can help and boost your internet when you're on a low speed connection, but guys i don't promise you this will bypass the etisalat speed throttling but i tried it and for my end it was okay so try it everyone.

This is a free application which helps to get the best out of your network speed by telling you the best place to stay and get a high speed internet connection. It works on both 2G,Edge, 3G and 4G and it helps to increase the transfer rate of your network.

Internet Speed Booster 
Internet speed Booster is a very popular android app which helps to increase your data connection speed by almost 80% and its very easy to use, no long process or tutorial about this app.
Just download and install the application, launch it and rap boost  it will start to optimize the parameters to increase your internet speed.

Connection Stabilizer Booster 
This Android application plays a huge role in helping to make your data connection to be Stable, so if you're on a low data connection which disconnect frequently then this application is for you.
It's divided into two parts, Active Reconnect and Active Keep Alive. Keep Alive is useful for maintaining a good connection. Reconnect, on the other hand, will activate whenever the connection drops, to automatically bring it back. But this application needs root unlike the other two above.

As it goes by the name, this app is not meant to increase your data connection speed but rather for you to knock the speed of your data connection. The Speedtest app will show you the true speed of your internet connection in less than 30 seconds.

These apps are in the Google Play store, you can search and download them and give it a try.
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