Ultimate Solution On How To Stop Psiphon Handler From Battery Draining

Battery draining is one major disadvantage of Psiphon Handler which many of us complain about without a solution to it to the extent some preferred openvpn or even simple server to it just because of how it kills the battery of any device using it. I must thank Mr dzebb for making Psiphon to be a Handler and and for us to use on our networks.

Dzebb made Psiphon Handler to be free for all but monetized it with adverts and it is this advert that is the reason why your battery seems to go flat easily. Psiphon handler when launched is in the background with adverts running on it and the more you use it, the more it consume your device battery. But we all have to thank dzebb for making this vpn to be free and fast cause when you compare it to the likes of others then you know it's worth saying thanks to dzebb. Openvpn is free but not fast and if you want the fast servers it will cost you, then the two other guys we have here made their own N500 and N9000 respectively and the reason why this is happening is due to the high rate of internet data charges in this country.

Have noticed this earlier on and stayed cool just to appreciate dzebb but due to the fact that many are still complain about Psiphon Handler draining their battery especially on nairaland i decided to share this tips on how to stop Psiphon Handler from consuming or draining your device battery.

How to stop Psiphon Handler from consuming or battery draining

  1. The first thing i noticed is that there are some ips that automatically stop those adverts on psiphon handler to stop displacing and with this your battery will last long when using Psiphon Handler. So what to do is to check and test any working ip and see whether ads on psiphon handler is still displaying. 
  2. The the second method is to download another type of Psiphon Handler but the Handler is not modded by dzebb and thereby making the ads on psiphon handler not to show. It works perfectly fine like normal Psiphon Handler so don't worry about it just download and install it. Download this Psiphon Handler below

With these two process or methods you won't be crying again in the name of battery drainage. Have question or problem please feel free to ask. 


  1. On behalf of me and my brothers Thank you boss since I found your blog I can gladly say you are God sent, more grease to your elbow

    1. Thanks so much bro, sorry for late approval, was off since morning.

  2. This your blog ehn... It's the best I swear. The only way to show you love is by commenting which is why I'm doing that now. Thanks and God bless you Bro.

  3. I need settings for psiphon. .i am in south Africa guys please,any network as long as its unlimited

  4. Hey bro you know am not in South Africa and whereas mtn south Africa settings is different from mtn Nigeria. Am sorry i can't be of help to you bro thanks.