Friday, 27 May 2016

Tutorial On How To Set Google Now Voice Command On Your Android Device

Some Android users and those that are new to Android don't know this feature or don't know how to set it on their device which doesn't take up toto a second and you are done. Google voice command popularly known as Google now or OK Google is for Android as siri is for ios which helps a lot with a voice command to your device and your request will be granted though not everything.

OK Google or Google voice command helps to search words or anything you want on Google search without typing on your keyboard, you can also command it to turn on your Bluetooth, take a pic, record a video, send a message on social media apps like whatsapps, viber, wechat and telegram. Just say OK Google want to send a message to Sarah on whatsapp and it will take you to whatsapp etc and send the chat message to Sarah. You can also ask how to get home that is there is a navigation or GPS for you to know where you are or maybe your favorite artist and ask where the person is, you can also ask about any hotel nearest to your location.

OK Google or Google voice command is on every Android device and how to set it is by going to your Google settings(look for Google settings) see the symbol below.

Click Google settings, down scroll, click search and now and set it like this;
  • Search language select UK or US English or any of your preferred language. 
  • Click voice and in default language select your preferred, OK Google detection slide it on. 
  • In hands free slide only Bluetooth on but if you want people nearby you to use your voice command, you can also slide on for headset though they will also have access to your privacy. 
  • Speech output select on 
  • Press back and go to phone search and tick everything on. 
  • Select now cards. In show cards slide on, notification slide on, in get notified about, slide the features you want or needed. 
  • And that is is it you Google voice command/Google now/OK Google is now activated on your device.  
The Latest release feature of this Google voice command or OK Google is the ability to say OK Google show me my messages and it show your last five message, then you will see an option for it read, reply or repeat the messages. You have to choosing the option you want and it will grant your request but this particular feature is for Android lollipop users, if your Android is jellybean sorry this feature isn't for your device. 

So go to Google app on your device and you will see OK Google there, tap the microphone symbol and say OK Google, it will bring out options and ask you want you want Google to do for you and you can make your voice command afterwards.



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  1. Very cool. Android are making things easy to do.

  2. Very okay...must your data be on before it works?

  3. Nice one.
    @Uju,guess so.