Oukitel K10000 A Smartphone That Doesn't Require Charging For 15 Days

You probably thought this is pure farce right but its just the truth. Oukitel will launch a monster battery capacity phone by January 2016 and this device will be the very first ever device to go for a complete two weeks without charging. Most smartphones with high battery capacity is just 24hrs or 48hrs and the battery runs down but with oukitel k10000 you will go for 15 days without charging it.

The name might lose unpopular or new to but it is a very good b from China and not that new in smartphone production. Oukitel k10000 features a 5.5-inch screen display with a screen resolution of 720, 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. It is powered by 1G Quad-core MediaTek processor with 16GB internal storage and a 2GB RAM running only Android 5.1 lollipop. Oukitel k10000 is powered with a high capacity battery of 10,000mAh and goes for an affordable price of $239.99.

I must say battery capacity is a major factor to consider when buying a mobile smartphone in Nigeria and the likes of Samsung, HTC or Sony doesn't provide such huge battery life though i must commend on LG phones but the way it is now most device produced by not so popular brands always comes with a high battery capacity but with a less good specs. Oukitel is not in Nigerian market but can be purchased outside maybe through Ali express and co and Oukitel k10000 goes on sale on January 21st 2016.


  1. Wow but this oukitel no dey naija na