Opera Mini Gets a Lot Better With Their Latest Update

Opera mini gets a lot better with the latest update on the browser which is a new change in the interface or layout as opera added a search bar to it and also upgraded the download features. Opera browser or opera mini have always been my best browser application due to the screen layout and interface but for downloading it is a no no for me.

Yesterday opera released a very big superb update for their light weight browser which is opera mini which is mearnt for device that has a less Rom and RAM. There are two types of opera browser in Android, one is opera mini(white in colour) and the other one is opera browser (red in colour) and the update is for opera mini.

In the latest update of operamini it features a new search bar which is categorized into different sections which includes video, pics news and with this new search bar it will be easy to search for your favorite songs or any latest news on opera mini. Then another big feature they added is the ability to download huge or large files through WiFi connection so if you have a very big file to download you choose between your mobile data or WiFi connection.

Downloading my files with opera mini always be the last thing i would do but they seems to be getting it right now and i love the WiFi download option so when you have a limited or little mobile data you switch to WiFi and download your files with it. The likes of UC browser, Firefox or even Chrome don't have this WiFi download feature yet so opera beat them hands down with this. And this didn't end there as you can also queue your downloads and download them one after the the or maybe same time depending on your network download speed.

Lastly opera made it possible to be able to download your files in background and same time be browsing the net as well and before when downloading with opera mini or even opera for Android it will automatically store on download but with this update you can choose were you want your files to be stored.

Don't have opera mini installed in your device then download it below

Opera Mini For Android


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