Did Anyone Received The Mtn N5000 Compensation Free Airtime Credit

Mtn drove people to madness by blocking many mtn subscribers sim both verified and non verified. My Sim card was registered and verified and was shocked when mtn sent a massage to me to go and verify my Sim card after all the struggle i did during the sim verification.
Well i had to struggle again to verify my Sim for the second time but most people didn't and within the next 2 days mtn started to block people's line.

Mtn main branch in owerri was vandalized due to the way the treated people, making people look like fools, collecting bribe just to verify an ordinary sim card and this drove people to start throwing stones on the glass walls and thanks to security men that rushed and guided them from the angry subscribers. This not only happened in owerri in some parts of the country with people calling them useless network, in owerri as this time mtn office is still locked up.

Mtn in order to compensate their customers started giving out free credit to call to any network in Nigeria, my two sim cards received N5000 and N3000 and my mum too received N5000 but i don't know if this is for all their subscribers cause my friend didn't receive or maybe yet to receive the free credit to his line. This is just to cool the hot temper they bestowed on us since last week cause it will make their customers to switch to other networks. When people were vandalizing mtn office in owerri airtel which is not far from mtn started selling their sim right in front of mtn office even etisalat and it was really a funny scene according to my cousin.

Mtn might not send you the message so everyone just insert your mtn sim if you got 100 just try them all by dialing this code *559*40# and this last for seven day which you can make call to any network in Nigeria.


  1. I did receive it, but I'm yet to go register again, cos my sim is verified, and I also think the 5k compensation is to make peeps go register again

    1. My line was already verified(twice) Making calls with it though what you said is plain true cause i noticed that it's just on blocked lines they are giving the free credit.