Internet Getting Better As Mtn Launches A 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan

Yes things are really getting with our internet data services as there is competition within our network ISP providers who are now competing to best ISP in Nigeria. Mtn are know with their weekend and night data plan which is an extra 1.5GB in the 4.5GB data and cost N500 but as it is they might be on the losing end as airtel introduced their weekend data plan though not all sim were eligible for it.

Mtn to fight off competition introduced their weekend data plan goes for N300 for 3GB, this is the very first time i have seen mtn a network know to be greedy and wicked offer such cheap data plan. My mind is still telling me it is also a game plan to please Nigerians as everyone is calling them bad with what happened recently with the sim verification and others issues.

When you compare mtn weekend data plan and airtel weekend data plan, mtn seems the best as their own is eligible to all Sims and different plans. If you are on ipusle, zone, mtn biz etc this is will work for you as long as your sim is a prepaid sim card.

How to get MTN weekend data plan of 3GB for N300 

If you are interested in this package dial *131*1*5# to get the mtn weekend data plan of 3GB for N300 or you can as well go through this process dial *131# enter 1 for my data plans and now enter 5 for night plan, then enter 2 to activate the mtn weekend plan. Please note that this data services is for all phones or device so there won't be any need to use your Psiphon Handler, simple server, tweakware, openvpn connect or http injector as it works direct with your internet apps installed in your device.

This is what i usually say, if these our ISP networks start offering very cheap or adequate data plan, things will be better and all these so called modders won't be reaping us off as there won't be any need to use their application again. Please bear in mind as the name implies weekend data so it only works on weekends but one thing am not sure it it is monthly which i doubt. I will try and confirmed if it is just for the week that is if one subscribed for this week and didn't finish or exhaust it will it go to the upper week as well, will confirm it and give feedback.

2015 is very good for the internet lovers and who knows what 2016 will be for us.

I tried subscribing to the mtn weekend data plan but it is showing error message, if it is going for you please indicate. 


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