Wednesday, 30 December 2015

All You Need To know And How To Use Syphon Shield 101

Receiving some comments on whatsapp on how to input ip and port in Syphon Shield 101 and there's no option for that. Seriously due to my events Deco and we are in the period of it i rarely pay attention to all those questions on whatsapp and i thank my kid sis who is helping me out here.

So i just got to look further into it and found out that Syphon shield isn't actually a handler on its but rather a compliment or acts as a 3rd party to the main Psiphon Handler application.

How to use Syphon Shield 

To be able to use the Syphon shield, you must have the main Psiphon Handler application which should be the psiphon handler version 100 as the p-siphon shield is of version 100 too, so it is mearnt to compliment only Psiphon handler version 100.
So download the psiphon handler version 100 or pro, install it and also download the p-siphon shield and install it  and what it will do is to overwrite the main Psiphon Handler and  collect the Settings on the main Psiphon Handler and save it with the p-siphon shield being the only Psiphon Handler on your phone.

Major role of Syphon Shield 101 
One thing i found out about the Syphon Shield 101 is that it is very fast to connect even when it disconnects, but don't know if people finding it to bypass etisalat speed throttling or connecting Psiphon Handler will be of huge help to them but try and download it download it everyone and teste it.

Download Syphon Shield 101 below

Syphon shield 101 APK

All those people sending whatsapp messages or calls to me, am sorry i got no time for it now and if you have any question or problem please kindly post it here thanks.



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  1. bro thanks for the other day. . your sister did a great job. buh since when I tried it. . it worked for only 4 hours. .

  2. bro thanks for the other day. . your sister did a great job. buh since when I tried it. . it worked for only 4 hours. .

    1. 4hrs i don't understand you mean the speed or?

  3. I thought twas supposed to be a tutorial on bypassing the so called throtting... Via recent post

    it just so boring without maximum speed.

    1. Bro this isn't just for etisalat social pack as it works for mtn bis too. If you are still finding it difficult to bypass the speed throttling with the methods i mentioned here then i think you should look somewhere else and i even uploaded a video tutorial on etisalat social pack and the speed,or better still switch to mtn thanks.

  4. This work great for me.. ..thanks ..

  5. how does it work on 2G/EDGE network????

  6. does syphonshield works on 2G/EDGE network???

  7. how to use this?