Monday, 14 December 2015

Detailed Comparison Between The Best Instant Messaging App WhatsApp & Telegram

Since the decline or downfall of the most popular social messaging application BBM, WhatsApp and telegram has taken over as the best two most used social media messaging application in the world today. During the good day of BlackBerry phones, no one can compare any instsnt messaging application to their BBM which really boosted the sales of BlackBerry device especially here in Nigeria.
But immediately Android came and became popular, BlackBerry started to decline and to worsen it they sold their BBM to Android making Android device to be able to install their BBM application and that was the downfall of BBM till today. Whatsapp which was first introduced to Nokia Symbian OS then gradually became very popular, then came telegram as these two are undoubtedly the most used social instant messaging app to reach friends or family anywhere in the world.

People tends to ask questions about which one is the best to use, some will say whatsapp some will say telegram but these things are people's choice or priority. I have complied best features of this two messaging application and to compare and contrast which is really the best not minding the popularity.

Whatsapp messaging 

WhatsApp messenger is now the most popular and used application for sending chat messages in the world especially since Facebook acquired them. The first major feature of this whatsapp is it doesn't require any pin or code to get your friends or family, it's just their number on your phone contact and it will show on your friends list(if they too installed whatsapp).

The second major good features of whatsapp is sending messages to your friends or loved ones and it delivers very swiftly and fast. You can send text sms, voice sms,pictures, video and location and can also share to your to your friends too. Then the great feature of whatsapp that was introduced is the whatsapp voice call which you can call your friends, family or love ones free of charge, no hidden fees as it is just your data it will use. These are the major features that i see in this instant messaging whatsapp.

Whatsapp too has its cons and the first major con i hate about whatsapp is one can't send apk, Zip, Rar or documents files directly from whatsapp without going through a long process. In WhatsApp it is just to send sms, voice, video, pics and location and other files is invalid unless you send a link. And also whatsapp does not support Gif images so send it to whatsapp won't work at all.
Lastly you can't logout on whatsapp as there's no option for it cause of mobile number it uses to log or register people.

Telegram messenger 

Telegram is not so popular like whatsapp but i rate it as the second most used instant messenger. Many people will agree with me that telegram is more secured and offers privacy when compared with whatsapp, telegram made room for a secret chat which no other person will be a little to access it it. You can't see this on Facebook even when Facebook recently introduced starred messages but it is still not secured and no privacy at all.

Telegram is also very similar to whatsapp where you can send messages, voice sms, videos. Then another thing that i like about them is the ability to send raw files like zip, Rar, apk and doc files directly on telegram. You can't do on whatsapp at all as it requires another strategy to do that probably a link to the files.

Then when it comes to their flaw it is no provision for voice call as whatsapp beats them hands down on this feature but if the add it it will be very nice for the application.

So that is the major good and bad features of the two best application, for me i choose whatsapp for mainly the voice call and the interface but if i need to send files or documents to someone i use telegram. But there's no much difference between this two instant messaging applications as they offer similarly thing.

Whatsapp or telegram which do you prefer please would like to hear from you guys and the reason for it.



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