Multiple Sim Users Check Your Mtn Etisalat Airtel And Glo Phone Numbers

Since the introduction of free browsing in Nigeria due to the high cost of mobile data services many of us opted to be looking for a very cheap or free network browsing and this makes one to have multiple Sim cards which we can barely recall or say their numbers.

I remember during the time of mtn gig accumulation that was back in 2012, i had up to 13th mtn sim cards just to be able to accumulate data then coupled with etisalat, Zain(airtel) and glo sim cards and i don't know their numbers cause my purpose is just to use them for browsing and that is all but all is now blocked. The last mtn free 7.5gig tweak that buzzed the new around July made me to buy extra 5 again and still i don't know their phone numbers.

Some of us the it might not be because of free browsing that you have a multiple Sim maybe due to your business transactions or one thing and other and you can't remember or doesn't know your number the solution is here as i have complied how to check sim numbers on our four major network in Nigeria.

How to check your mtn phone number or sim card number 
For you to check your mtn number, dial *123# and press or select 1(one) then afterwards select account information and select sim number. Sometimes especially during the day you will experience system error when checking your mtn sim number but don't stop there continue the process till you see your mtn mobile number.

How to check etisalat phone number or sim number 
Checking of phone number or sim number on etisalat is very fast without any error response like mtn or any long process, just dial *248# and etisalat will immediately show your etisalat phone number within a second.

How to check airtel phone number or sim number 
To check your phone number on airtel is very similar with mtn that is the process which you will dial *121# select 1(my account option) then select 1 again which is your airtel phone number and then airtel will show your number.

How to check Glo phone number or sim number 
Checking of Glo phone number or sim is so swiftly like etisalat just dial *135*8# and your glo phone number will immediately appear on your screen.

And that is it, please if you have multiple Sim copy these paste these codes so as to always get your phone number when needed.


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