All Network Cheap And Affordable Data Plan For December 2015

We thank God as we made it through the the month of November to the month of December and count down to 2016. As an internet user in Nigeria, there are cheap or affordable internet service for us especially from mtn and etisalat network which since last year offered us cheap Internet with their BB10 Bis and Smart pack browsing.

Other networks are trying but these two have really tried cause i can remember spending N2500 every month on a limited internet data but since last year things get better till this year so let's pray that 2016 will be the best as we are waiting for Nitel comeback to this country.

Mtn cheap data plan for December 2015 
Mtn has so many data plan but are costly unless one subscribe to their BB10 Bis plan which is made for blackberry phones but also works with Android. Below are the list of mtn data plan;
  1. Mtn BB10 Bis data bundle plan; this is the very first cheap data plan that any mtn user can use on any device though mearnt for blackberry but with the help of tunnels software one can use it on Android, iphone, Windows Mobile and pc. So this plan works for every device no longer exclusive for blackberry or BB10 users and the price is from N100 daily to N1500 monthly all limited to 5GB data bundle. If you want to get this offer just dial *123#, select data service, select BlackBerry data, select BB10 and select the one you want but if you want to pay for N1000 for a month select more(7) and make your choice. Note it requires a tunnel software and the Settings for it to work on your non BlackBerry 10 device. 
  2. Mtn Musicplus 150mb; this has been around for a very long time and earlier on it seems to fade out but since October i must say it resurfaced again and this time Unlimited unlike before. If you want to get the offer just go to messaging and send D to 5900 and you will be given 150mb and after you exhaust it, send Cancel7D to 5900 and send another D to 5900 for another 150mb. Continue doing doing this till you are done with Internet for the day and also this requires a tunnel software to work on Android, ios, Windows Mobile and pc. 
  3. Mtn data reseller though i hardly recommend this to any body or maybe one go through the direct source that is mtn itself. 
Etisalat cheap data plan for December 2015 
Etisalat network is known for a very a very high priced data limited data plan with a little data bundle, after they stopped their etisalat paygo which really helped many Nigerians with their Internet needs, everyone ran away from them but since this smart pack which started last year December but was popular around July, everyone seems to be using their Internet services  more than any other network in Nigeria.
  1. For etisalat what i will recommend anybody is their etisalat smart pack(social pack) though earlier on it was so sweet and one can bypass the speed throttling easily but now we have more users and for many to bypass the speed throttling is hell and this is the major disadvantage of this plan THE SPEED THROTTLING. But if you subscribe to their social pack it will not be that difficult but if it is their chat pack it is impossible or extremely difficult. To subscribe to Etisalat smart pack, just dial *200#,select data, select smart pack and select social pack but if you want chat pack then select chat. Other etisalat data plan are costly especially their easy blaze bundle plan.
  2. Etisalat  2GB for N2,000 or 1GB for N1000 still works on all and if you want this plan simply dial  *229*2*9# to get the 2GB or dial *229*2*7# for 1GB  offer. 
Airtel cheap data plan for December 2015 
Airtel data plan are so many and people always complain about their double mb charge but with airtel time base and weekend data which is N100 for 1GB and such thing isn't there. So far airtel go for their time base or their weekend data though sim selective. If you want this their airtel time base plan dial *439# and follow up.

Glo cheap data plan for December 2015 
Sorry glo users i got no info on glo  they need to up their game but if you have any info about any cheap data plan please share with us thanks.


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