Check Out Stratio’s LinkSquare That can scan your food or drugs to test their authenticity

How do you really know that the food or medicine you’re about to ingest is what the package label says it is?, With the LinkSquare from Stratio, you can actually run a test to get confirmation.

Stratio is unveiling its new LinkSquare infrared scanner for food, pharmaceuticals, materials, and physical objects at the 2016 International CES (the big tech trade show that will take place in Las Vegas next week). The San Jose, Calif.-based company says that its product will allow consumers to receive instant, reliable information about an object’s composition, right on their smartphone.

Stratio is unveiling the product amid increasing fears arising from food and drug scandals in the U.S. Consumers are concerned about product authenticity, and those fears may not be groundless. A 2013 report, for example, revealed that more than 30 percent of fish sold at U.S. restaurants and grocery stores were mislabeled. On top of that, more than 40 percent of the drugs sold in the U.S., and 80 percent of the active ingredients within those drugs, are manufactured in unregulated plants overseas, and enter the U.S. with no inspection.

That raises questions about whether the food you’re eating is really as healthy as you imagine, and whether you are successfully avoiding harmful chemicals, allergens, and counterfeit supplements.

LinkSquare is a portable, versatile spectrometer that uses the same kind of spectroscopy astronomers use to decipher the composition of distant stars. Materials emit light of different frequencies, and a laser spectrograph can measure these frequencies, allowing the device can make a positive identification at the molecular level.

The device uses a germanium-based Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) image sensor to illuminate an object and capture its response to light. Each type of molecule vibrates in its own way, and these vibrations interact with light to create a unique “optical fingerprint.” The data is analyzed through algorithms within Stratio’s database to identify a product’s composition, and results are then sent to the user via smartphone. The technology has been used by large corporations and the military for decades. Stratio is making it accessible to ordinary people.


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