Monday, 21 December 2015

Detailed Specification And Comparison Between Tunnel Softwares We Use To Browse

I found out that many Nigerians that use tunnel softwares to access the net don't really know to well about these tunnel applications that is their specification, features and how they work. Because of the high cost of internet data in the country we are forced to look for a way to browse free or at cheaper rate and thats were these tunnel softwares plays a huge role.

Internet tunnel software are apps that helps to bypass restrictions or restricted apps from our internet service providers(ISP).  You can use them to change your ip address to any countries ip like for example with psiphon handler it will show your location as USA and there are apps in play store that is mearnt for America but with psiphon handler it will be available for you in Nigeria.

Internet tunnel softwares we use in this country are Simple Server, Psiphon Handler, Openvpn connect, Tweakware and Http injector all for mobile and for pc we have Simple server, XT181, tweakware, freedom, openvpn connect and host of others. With these mentioned apps you can use them for free browsing or to hide your ip address but is only simple server, Psiphon Handler and openvpn connect that is free to use without paying for it.

Specification And details of these tunnel softwares 

Simple Server: this is the most popular tunnel software we use in Nigeria, starting from the days of Nokia Symbian it was simple server, jwp and one other one(have forgotten the name) we use to browse for free but simple server stood the ground and still working flawlessly till now. Among these tunnel simple server is the fastest when browsing and downloading, and now there is a vpn you can use it with any other third party app. If you want to download simple server is best for you as it is the fastest tunnel software we use in country and it only works on windows, Android and Nokia Symbian.

Openvpn Connect: openvpn connect is a very old tunnel vpn software that is free to use, it is not like simple server as it requires a file(openvpn Servers) to work with. Openvpn works on every operating system be it windows, Android or ios but one thing is that the free server is not very fast when downloading like simple server but with a premium server you can attain a very high speed connection when downloading or streaming. Openvpn connect uses both tcp and udp servers so any app or game that requires internet will work with this application.

Psiphon handler: Psiphon Handler was introduced to us early this year and it is now the best used tunnel software to browse the net as it is free and very when browsing and downloading. Psiphon handler uses tcp vpn so any internet that uses udp will not work on psiphon handler like for example some online games, new version of wss etc. But this is my best tunnel software now and i will recommend to anybody.

Http Injector: this is very similar to openvpn connect but a with little difficulty to set up, it requires a file to work with just like openvpn and free to use. Http Injector is fast when browsing and downloading with the free servers unlike the counterpart openvpn and it also use both tcp and udp so can work with any app you set it with.

Tweakware: this is probably the best tunnel software to use if not for the fact that the developer for the Android version made it to be a paid application. Tweakware is very simple to use and understand, very fast in browsing and downloading and can access any type of internet app you set it up with as it uses various internet servers like udp and tcp. Tweakware is a paid app,  costs N500 monthly but the free servers are 100mb daily. Also you have to know that these vpn services are not free so these developers do pay for it some monetized it with adverts like dzebb but our naija guys chooses to sell their own just because of our network providers find it difficult to give us cheap Internet access.

Next will be on tunnel software for pc and how to use them. If you have any question about these applications you can ask me that through the comment box thanks.



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