Finding It Difficult To Log Out Of Facebook Messenger? See The Solution

Using Facebook application requires the messenger for one to be able to receive messages from Facebook now that is the latest development and facebook didn't make a space or created a log out button which makes it difficult to log out from Facebook messenger app for Android. In fact it is not possible to log out from Facebook messenger as the app automatically uses your main Facebook account for the messenger.

Many of us has several Facebook accounts and might want to use a particular one to chat but couldn't cause of being stucked on a particular username and no sign out button or may want someone close to you to use the app but no way due to the fact that Facebook made it to be like that well there is a little solution to it. The only solution for people using Facebook messenger is to go to the device settings, application manager or apps settings or apps depending on your device settings and locate the Facebook messenger. Then open it and click CLEAR Data and it will immediately clear your account from the messenger. Note that this is not applicable to Facebook messenger as if you want to clear your data be it username or password and there's no room for sign out or log out or anything just go to your device app manager and clear the data.

After you cleared the data go to your Facebook messenger and you will be asked to log in with your username and password then you can choose your preferred one at the moment. This is the only way to log out on Facebook messenger though some will say this is kinda stress, going to device app manager, clearing data and coming back again doesn't worth it and let me stick to my main account but there's no stress in this and until Facebook add sign out button so shall it remain like this.
But if you have other tips on how to log out from Facebook messenger please share with us as this is the only solution that i know thanks.


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