Monday, 20 June 2016

Updated Tips On How To Detect When You Are Blocked On WhatsApp

Detecting when someone blocked you on whatsapp can be very difficult due to the fact that whatsapp developers made it to be that way but there are various ways you can detect or know when a friend block you from his or her whatsapp contact.

There are reasons for someone to block you on whatsapp maybe you are a nuisance or some other and some people might tell you while others will quietly block you from their whatsapp contact. Below are the tips to know when someone blocked you on whatsapp;

  1. Last seen notification bar; when you check about a friend on whatsapp, last seen usually appear below the person's name so if you didn't actually see anything there then the person might have blocked you or maybe the person hide the last seen notification due to privacy. But try and copy the user number to another whatsapp account and check whether you will see last seen and if you did see it then the user indeed blocked you. 
  2. Seeing same particular profile pic always; when someone blocked you on whatsapp any new update or information he/she made you won't be able to see it as you will be seeing old update. Though some people tends to stick to a particular update and pics, what to do is to repeat same process like the above by using another whatsapp account to check the the person's profile and if there are new changes then the user have blocked you. 
  3. Sent messages not going through; you sent a message to a friend on whatsapp and it didn't go through. In WhatsApp, when you send a message to someone and it's not yet deliverd it will show only one(1) check ☑ but if it is delivered it will be two(2) and if the message is read it will show a blue colour. So if you are blocked, there’s no way the message will be delivered to the user. What to do is try send the message from another account and if it gets delivered that's it the user blocked you. 
These are the tips to know when someone blocked you on whatsapp and what to do to confirm if the user really blocked you or maybe is offline for a long time. 



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