Tutorial On How To Use Etisalat Social Pack or Chat Pack On PC

Am remaking this post again for those asking on how to use etisalat chat pack or social pack on their pc .This tutorial is to guide you on how to use etisalat chat or social pack on your pc but not with simple server but rather XT181.
I don't use simple server on pc both with mtn bis cause XT181 seems a lot better and stable(faster) too. There's so many pc tunnel software to use with mtn bis and this etisalat chat or social pack tweak even with you data. So follow the guideline very well.

How to use etisalat chat pack or social pack on pc 

Like i said before pend simple server though i've posted tutorial on it so today it's an app called XT181,tomorrow will be another tunnel software.

First of all download XT181 from this link XT181

Subscribe to the etisalat chat pack or preferably the social pack weekly which is a lot easier to bypass the speed throttling and for seven days. Daily is also good but instead of paying N100 for a day, add it extra N200 for a week which is N300.
There's is a weekly chat pack which costs N150 and monthly which costs N500 but these two seems very difficult to bypass the speed throttling etisalat made in their smart pack data plan. Choose anyone that suits your choice and needs.

Extract the XT181 file you downloaded(please create a folder and extract it there)

Click on the XT181.exe to launch the app like the simple server exe

Click on listen then minimise the XT181 application

This app uses proxy and port 8080 like the simple server, so go to your browser and configure it like this Tools>Option>Advance>Network and click on settings choose manual proxy configuration settings and use this ip address Port:8080

You will have to use your phone as a modem through Bluetooth, USB cable or hotspot Tethering and make sure your phone network settings are like this
APN: Etisalat
Proxy server:
Proxy port: 8080

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