The Good And The Bad Of Online Shopping Malls In Nigeria

As technology grows in the world and also here in Nigeria, buying products online is is also fast growing even here in Nigeria.
Before in Nigeria there's nothing like online shopping mall, if we want to buy a product online is on foreign website and whereby you will pay in dollar and have it shipped down to you down this place.

But since the introduction of Konga and Jumia online shopping mall(the first to enter Nigeria) many Nigerians now order products online especially as it is a home delivery. Though some Nigerians are still feeling very skeptical to order for products they need online and their reasons being that they might be given a fake or damaged products and this is Nigeria anything is possible.

But i tell you i do buy products online in Nigeria through Konga and Jumia, i haven't tried kaymu and the rest of them and want to tell you my user experience with them.

Of all the online shopping mall in Nigeria i will rate Kong high above the rest due to their products(directly sold by Konga) their delivery and returns and lastly their customers service.

Analysis of online shopping mall in Nigeria the good and the bad 

The Good:
Online shopping mall in Nigeria have grown as the years goes by and the major thing i like about it is that it saves my time to do other things. Like for example i can stay in my house and order for a TV, fridge and home theater and have it delivered to my door step in a Matter of two days, but if i go to electronics shop it will take my time and worst is i i don't have a personal car to carry the load.

Their pay on delivery is very good and this will encourage many Nigerians to order products online cause many would say na naija we dey and i can't pay for what i didn't see.

Their charges are moderate. The place where am living the price of Galaxy s6 is N190,000 but in Konga and Jumia it's around N160,000. If you are living in port Harcourt or owerri the price of things will force you to order online.

Their delivery rate have improved recently don't know of kaymu but if you are living in Lagos it's a day delivery.

For Konga their returns is now superb especially if the product is directly sold by them.

And lastly their products are genuine but products sold directly by them not their merchants.

The bad 
They don't monitor what their merchants are selling, many of their merchants sell inferior products and equally fake products. Have bought a fake wristwatch from a Konga merchant.

Returns Problem especially Jumia. Worst thing that can happen to you is to have a product you bought from Jumia returned. It can take up to two weeks to have your money back, they did this to me when i received a damaged infinix zero i tell you i went mad and swear never to buy from them again. Returns in Konga can be a headache too when it's a product from their merchants.

The new Konga system of delivery(their merchant) makes it difficult to order products from different merchants cause you will pay the merchants the delivery money.

That's my own, if you got yours to say please do it would like to hear your views on this.


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