Sunday, 24 July 2016

How To Test Your Android Device Hardware Functionality

One of the ways to maintain an android device is to always check the hardware functions at least five times in a week or better still everyday. Checking your device functionality helps to dictate if there's any problem which one might not even be aware of it and there's no stress in checking Android smartphone functionality as long as you have the required apps to do that.

There are many apps on play store which helps to check your Android smartphone functions, starting from the apps installed, camera of the phone, the keyboard touch and the battery etc. With these apps you will be able to dictate any fault be it little or big with your phone and also how to solve it. These apps are called Android test application and they also helps to dictate originality of your Droid in case you are confused whether your device is original or fake one. I have two very best of them, like i said before there's so many of them on Google play store but ive selected this best two for you guys and they are popular anyway so check them out below.

Antutu Tester
You guys must have known Antutu Benchmark right, is the same people that developed this antutu tester which helps to score or rank the battery capacity of your device, how long it will last and to optimize it. It also test your system information which gives information about your device CPU, GPU, Internal Memory, Screen touch, WiFi and GPS. If you want to know the necessary info and how your device is performing based on these listed features, then you should download Antutu tester.

Download Antutu tester Here

Phone Doctor Plus 
This is my second best Android tester and not only is it available on Android platform but to also ios, so ios users check it on your Apple store. Phone Doctor Plus test at least 25 features on your device which includes CPU, Bluetooth, GPS, internal storage, 3G and 4G connectivity, Accelerometer, multi-touch, earphone and microphone, Proximity sensor, compass, WiFi home button, sleep button, silent and volume control button, specs check(to know the specifications of your device) etc. Download and see them all.

Download Phone Doctor Plus here
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