Monday, 1 February 2016

Is Your Smartphone Without Micro SD Card Slot, See The Solution For You

Some smartphone manufacturers makes some of their smartphone without making available for an SD card slot teven the likes of Samsung have joined the trend with their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and some LG phones are like that like the LG G2 etc.

For some people when trying to order or purchase for a smartphone, SD card is one thing they always check to know the capacity and if there's no space for SD card slot in the phone they get discouraged immediately even if the is of good quality and nice design. SD card slot shouldn't be a major factor when checking a phone to order for, if you want to check for the memory it should the internal memory not external SD card.

I use LG G2 D802 and there's no space for SD card slot it was made like that but am enjoying the phone and then what i did is buy an OTG(on the go) micro USB. I use the OTG to store my videos, games and other files and whenever i want to watch a video, i will insert the OTG USB drive in my phone and watch the video without any problem.

Though most phones doesn't support the otg USB but every smartphone without a microSD card slot always make sure that their device enables OTG USB drive. Here in Nigeria OTG USB drive is available in different variants and also comes with different designs. There's a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and you can purchase them on Konga or Jumia even anywhere you know.

With this OTG USB drive you have no problem with having your internal storage filled up, no just transfer them to the OTG USB drive. Though some people will say plugging in and out doesn't make sense or to be carrying their OTG USB drive about is tiring but i tell you if there's a device you like and wants to purchase it but due to the fact that there's no space for memory card slot you are feeling skeptical to purchase for it, you shouldn't be cause with the otg USB it's just like having an external memory with you.

Am still enjoying my LG G2 without a microSD card but rather with an OTG USB drive, but please OTG can be used on any device with or without microSD card slot once the device is an OTG enabled phone.



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