Persistent Safe Mode Problem On Samsung Galaxy Device And Solution To It

You are using a Galaxy device and suddenly your phone or tablet enters into safe and there by making your downloaded apps to be hidden.
When a mobile phone enters into safe mode, all the downloaded apps will not show only the pre-installed will be showing on your device and it can be very irritating.

In Samsung device especially the Galaxy any problem or issue on the phone makes it to go into safe mode on its own and there are many causes for your galaxy device to enter safe mode. Issues might be a software or a virus and sometimes it will require a hard reset to get it working and sometimes it won't work and your phone will stuck on safe mode showing only pre-installed apps.

This happened to me on my first galaxy phone being Galaxy s4, my phone was stuck on safe mode, i did all i could which includes soft and hard reset, removing the battery no way and i got really tired and frustrated, read all over the internet for the solution but to no avail then i dropped it down and slept off. I tried it again still nothing till i was just looking at the phone and i noticed that the volume down button was inside, i used a pin and pulled it out but still thinking on how to solve the safe mode problem then i switched it on and there was no safe mode showing on my Galaxy s4 homescreen.

I couldn't believe it, i pressed the volume down button inside and safe mode appeared again, i pulled it out it disappeared and i then realized that hardware problem on galaxy device can also make it to go on a safe mode not just a software issue. If you have a galaxy or Samsung device and you are experiencing this safe mode problem even after reseting your device, please check if there's any hardware problem like if the buttons are stuck inside be it volume or home button or any hardware issue you noticed.

After that i changed the volume button cause it was faulty with the volume down constantly sticking inside and making it to go on a safe mode and i didn't experienced the safe mode problem again.


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