How To Recharge Airtime Or Credit Online Straight From Your Bank Account

First of all this is called Airtime Credit Virtual Top Up which doesn't require any pin or card to be able to perform airtime transaction.
For some banks it doesn't necessarily require one to register their line before you can proceed with the process though for many banks like first Bank and zenith Bank you will have to go to Bank and register your phone number before you can participate with the airtime credit virtual top up.

This kind of online banking or probably VTU is very good which enables one to make any money transaction with his mobile device, tablet or pc.
Many people are afraid of this VTU here in Nigeria but i tell you it's my best way of transferring money to people or recharging my line.

With this VTU i can recharge my line in 2am cause where am living around 12am everywhere is very quiet and no shop will be available for you. If you haven't done yours or maybe feeling skeptical about it hey bro or sis common we are in the modern day technology so do it(but if you want).

So this leads me to this topic on how to recharge your line with airtime straight from your bank account without going out to any shop and you know sometimes these airtime sellers increase the price for just no cause(happened to me last month in owerri where mtn airtime was sold at 120 for N100) but with this VTU there's nothing like that.

But with this VTU it doesn't necessarily require you to go to your bank and start filling the online banking form no is just your bank account number with money available and that is it. If you are interested check these Bank codes for airtime transaction.

Bank codes to Recharge Airtime through your bank account 
Access bank:*901* amount#

»» Eco bank*326* amount #

»» Fidelity:*770* amount #

»» FCMB:*389*214* amount #

»» Finbank:*894* amount #

»» GTB: *737* amount #

»» heritage bnk: *322*030*amount#

»» keyston: *322*082* amount #

»» Skybnk: *389*076*1* amount #

»» IBTC: *909* amount #

»» Sterling: *822*amount#

»» UBA: *389*033*1*amount#

»» Unity bnk: *322*215*amount#

»» Zenith: *966* amount # or *302* amount # (for mtn users)

»» Diamond bank(yellow acct. only):*710*555*phone no.* amount#

So that's the bank codes from this airtime credit virtual top up, if you have any question you can ask me through the comment box.


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