New Google Play Store Version And Look Finally Available In Nigeria

Last month Google announced and released pics of its new Google play store and yesterday it became available(here in Nigeria) for one to upgrade to.
The new looking is very beautiful and well designed to compare to the previous versions, this wasn't available for most countries and yesterday(in the night) i was able to upgrade mine to the latest version. This version contains many features like Slider which is made up of every latest popular apps that was uploaded on play store.

In the previous versions there's nothing like top charts but in this latest version there is a flat menu made up of top charts, games, Categories, family and editor's choice and above the menu is apps and games and entertainment.

There's also a change in the side navigation bar, it includes movies and TV , books entertainment and Newsstand with your apps and games. Any menu you clicked will take you to the sub menus like top charts, Categories and family and also includes recommended, popular, new updated, what you might like and pre-registered apps.

The download option and menu is still the same with the previous versions which includes similar and related apps and the downloading is still the same that is downloading straight to your internal storage.

This new look is superb and well organized i must say, giving them a four star though, do you like the new Google play store look please share your opinion thanks.


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