New MTN Bblited And Bblitew BB10 Subscription Code Numbers

Everyone thought that mtn mtn BB10 Bis subscription is no more working right but that's not it.
Mtn BB10 bblited etc is still working just that their subscription codes were changed to another code numbers. If you are subscriber to the mtn BB10 Bis plan, here's the new codes to subscribe to any of your choice.


BBLITEM  *216*3*3# @N1500(200mb+5GB)
BBLITEW  *216*3*2# @N350(70mb+5GB)
BBLITED   *216*3*1# @70(10mb+5GB)

BBLITEM  *216*4*3# @N1500(500mb+5GB)
BBLITEW  *216*4*2# @550(125mb+5GB)
BBMIDI      *216*4*1# @100(15mb+5GB)

Or you can simply dial this code *123# choose BlackBerry data and then follow up from there.

For the people that are new to this, this is for blackberry 10 users but with psiphon handler, simple server, openvpn connect, tweakware and http injector it works on Android device.

For Simple Server settings
Go to your network settings
In APN input:
Proxy server:
Port 8080.
Go to your simple server and General settings
In proxy Host and proxy port input and 8080
Injection query input: or
Injection Host input; or
Injection line: in your keyboard Press the arrow key four times

For Psiphon handler settings
You can use mtn default settings or the above
Open your Psiphon Handler and proxy type select http
Proxy server input or
Scroll down to real proxy type and select http
Port 80 and click save
Click option more options and tick connect through Http Proxy
Tick use the following settings
In host address input
Port input 8080 press back and exit the Psiphon Handler then reopen it again and connect.

For openvpn and http injector you need servers, i don't really use this two especially http injector cause of too much creating of servers and also for tweakware there's nothing to do if you are are premium or free user  just select mtn BB10 and you are good to go.

If you have any question or problem or your thoughts please share with us thanks.


  1. Thanks bro, got to know this blog through my brother and i tell you you are indeed trying.

  2. is it still working with pc simple server

  3. my psiphon keeps disconnecting. what can i do about it? i use tecno camon c8

    1. Doris mtn disconnection is everywhere especially with this BB10 Bis, go to Google play store and search for HSPA tweaker download it and run it before opening your Psiphon Handler. It helps for stable connection but best with etisalat.

  4. how do one use this on laptop. and those the 5gb also works on bb10 plans? if so, how do one go about the setups

    1. Yes you can but witg a tunnel software like simple Server. Yes this is for BB10 device and works direct without requiring another tunnel app to be able to Browse with it which is applicable to Android, iPhone and windows pc.

  5. You have to download simple Server for pc and use your phone as a modem or you can use your phone and tether it with pdanet to your PC.

  6. Tnkz alot bro,more grease to ur wrist... (h)

  7. Guy this ain't working again with the code... I just subscribed for a week and now it's finish within just 2 hours.
    What should i do.. I am using it on PC

    1. Please try and check this site homepage or first page and you will see what i said about this.