Did Konga And Jumia Really Scammed Nigerians On Yakata And Black Friday Sales

The yakata sale and black Friday have come and go and many Nigerians were left disappointed on what the two biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria called discounted sales.
I was among those that were disappointed especially with Konga cause last year, i participated on their 2014 yakata sales and it was great but this year it wasn't like that as the claimed 50% discount but is really isn't it. Instead what i noticed that they did is to write an old price and rule it over then write the true actual price and claimed it to be the discount while in the real sense of it it wasn't.

Then another thing that Konga did is to put up inferior products or products that people rarely don't buy as their yakata sale and even the discount wasn't much as they claimed up to 40 to 80% discount. Wanted to order products for my Jr brother and was up as early as 12am till 4am on Thursday and was really angry and disappointed with Konga that i didn't bother to check again in the morning

Then i decided to try Jumia black Friday and immediately it was 11:45pm i logged into the Jumia application but there was a problem with it and i headed to the website through my browser and there was a flash sale of infinix hot 2 which was reduced to N9650 but as i click buy and reach the final page it was showing error message and i tried and tried but to no avail, when i pressed back what i saw was SOLD OUT. Though i must say there was exclusive discount but there was no smartphone apart from infinix hot 2 and InnJoo Halo and it was more of washing machine, iron and standing fan. Other discount was so little didn't see their 90% discount. Even during the flash sale of InnJoo Halo and infinix cammon c8 same error thing happened and i just left and never bother to check others.

My question is this why was their application down, why was their website showing the error message after one reach the final payment page, yes the will say it is due to traffic that their server was overloaded but i don't believe this for a little bit and also i received a message on my Nokia touch that there will be a 90% discount on iphone 6 then were is the discount cause i didn't see it just inferior goods that they put up for their black Friday like their counterpart Konga. At the end i didn't bought anything cause what i want there was no discount on them at all.

Come next year i don't think Nigerians will put a very high hope on Konga yakata or Jumia black Friday in 2016 as this year own is really a disappointment and also Konga and Jumia should stop this if they don't really want to do this though on the other hand this is a strategy to get people to know them more but they failed us.

Did you buy anything from Konga or Jumia during the yakata or black Friday sales please let me hear your say thanks.


  1. Yea I was realy disapointed too.i even bought a real data bt both dere site and app were nonsence

  2. we all know Nigeria so don't stress it

  3. Wanted to purchase camon c8 that blessed Friday but no no no... The price wasn't discounted rather twas inflated... To hell with black Friday sales

    1. If it was for Jumia they made the Camon C8 for flash sale but it was hell as their website was showing error