Detailed Guidelines On How To Buy Products On Konga Yakata 2015

2015 Konga yakata sales which starts tomorrow 26th and ends on 27th of November is a day for all to get what ever he/she want at a very cheap rate or giveaway price.
Product are sold very cheaper, and this yakata is not just products sold by Konga, no, it includes their merchants too making it to be very sweet.
If you are planning to buy a mobile phone, tablet, pc, electronics, home appliances or anything do it tomorrow or 27th as trust Konga and their products a lot.

Price of things will fall as low as 80% and you know what that means, a product sold at N90,000 on a normal day will be sold at N40 to N30,000 tomorrow and this is just the truth cause last year i bought my Dell latitude which cost around N105,000 but during last year Konga yakata i bought it at N65,000 including my lg g2 which was sold at N70,000 but i bought it at N41,500 so this is real but for Jumia i didn't try them last year.

Guidelines on how to buy products on 2015 Konga yakata sales 
  • The 2015 yakata Konga yakata sales starts on 26th of November and if you know it will be the fastest finger cause many will be involved and the products won't be enough for all so once it is 12am start to check the prices of the products and if you wait till morning what you want might be out of stock. 
  • Put all you want in the cart and wait for the time to reach. 
  • It is good to buy products directly sold by Konga or when ordering for a product check people's reviews before buying. Please some of their merchants sell quality products though. 
  • I will always advice pay on delivery as long as it here in Nigeria, you see your products before paying for it. 
Follow and bookmark the link below for the konga or yakata sales which will be very very useful to you, that product that is very costly for you to buy tomorrow and after tomorrow you will afford them at a cheaper rate so bookmark the link and wait for 12am till 27th to buy all your needs or wants.

Konga and 2015 Yakata Sales


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