Era Of Music Apps As Google Launched New YouTube Music For Android

Music is one the things that makes the world to go around, for some people they can't stay for an hour without listening to their favorite songs.
Then when it was just on radio or TV but technology is fast growing and we have many means to listen to our favorite songs.

Since the introduction of mobile phones it's now easier to play music with your device and now we have smartphones things gets a lot better. You can watch and play your favorite songs anywhere you are and now music app developers are too will i say competing with themselves. Apple few days back launched their Apple Music for Android users and Google be like APPLE NO WAY WE NO THEY CARRY LAST and launched their own which is YouTube Music just for music only.

YouTube Music which is of two variants that is the free and premium version(YouTube Red) which lets it's users to access their favorite artist music that is if you search for a song it will as well bring all the artist other songs in a catalog. When you launch the app the homepage will be recommended music and it also makes room for one to search for album, tracks, lyrics and music concert videos.

But the free version is limited to some extra great features like music videos, ad free, listening to your favorite music offline and this is where YouTube Red comes up though at the moment it's a 14 day free trial for the premium and afterwards it's $9.99 for a month. For we living in you can use your Mastercard to pay if you want and it will be around N2500.

But for now it's not available for Nigeria in Google play store if you are using a Nigeria ip address, am using USA and i can download it through the play store so change your ip or download it from another source.


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