Monday, 22 February 2016

Dual-SIM Or Single Sim Smartphone Which Do You Prefer

For most people when buying a smartphone sim contact is one features they always check especially since the introduction of dual-SIM smartphones.While some don't bother if they phone they purchasing have dual-SIM or not.

Some will say dual-SIM is a lot better if you have many or two sim cards or a business person and to be swapping Sims is very difficult for them while some will say dual-SIM kills their phone batteries and wouldn't have a dual-SIM smartphone.

As for me having a dual-SIM is good for me though not using one at the moment and my reason for this is because of the fact that i have so many sim cards both mtn, etisalat, glo and airtel. Free browsing made it to be like this for me cause if you are into free browsing, having one sim card is very impossible as i don't use my main line for tweaks.

Advantages and disadvantages of dual-SIM and Single Sim

The major reason people gave when buying a dual-SIM smartphone is that it helps them in their business and there won't be need of swapping of sim.

Second reason is that one might be in an area where there's a particular network and having so many phone will be tiring but with a dual-SIM phone, you just switch to the one with network.

Some people here in Nigeria will say they have two same sim or different but one is to make calls and other is for free browsing or normal data browsing and hate swapping of Sims just to browse or make calls.

Disadvantages of a dual-SIM 

The major complaint people always make is that dual-SIM kills their battery life faster than the single sim smartphone. Maybe this is due to the fact that two network connection is on and running and this doesn't help the battery life of a device at all.

Another problem i do hear is that there tends to be a connectivity problem with a dual-SIM smartphone but i think this should be on the type of phone that is the manufacturer like for example i do hear a lot of infinix hot note people complain about their 3g data connection not working on this sim but is working on the other sim.

Advantages of single sim over dual-SIM 

Single sim users will tell you it saves battery if you optimize it very well unlikely dual-SIM which kills battery of the phone.

Then the connectivity issue, is very rare to see a single sim device suffering connectivity issue unless the phone is faulty.

Then if you ask me i would choose a single sim device cause i ask myself this question why is it that high end or flagship device is always a single sim, and also i wouldn't recommend any person to buy Samsung dual-SIM device cause people complain so much about it.

Would like to hear your say dual-SIM or single sim which do you prefer or you just buy a phone like that whether it comes with a dual-SIM or not.



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  1. Lovely post zpy, prefer dual-SIM sim phone any day any time.

  2. Okay guys thanks for your opinion.

  3. Dual sim cos it's convenient,like already stated in the post.