Do You Have Any Question Regarding To Etisalat Social Pack, Mtn Bis And Airtel Data Plan Come In

I made this page for the purpose to help out with etisalat social pack, mtn BB10 and other mtn browsing related questions and lastly airtel data plan. Am not into glo so please don't ask me about them.

The major reason i created is because a lot of people who have my number on whatsapp keep asking me same question about etisalat social or chat pack(smart pack), so i did this that if someone ask a question and it relates to what you want to ask you check what my answer will be whether it will be a help to you.

I can't be answering same questions all over again on whatsapp, it's tiring and i seems not to like it anymore. So if you got any question regarding to the etisalat smart pack tweak, mtn BB10 Bis and other mtn data plan and then airtel data plan drop your questions below and i will get back to you.

Pls bro mine is working and very fast enough on phone but not connecting with PC using ss . pls is there another app for PC ?. 

@tosain simple server on pc is still working with the required ip and port but i will recommend you to use XT181 to browse on your pc. Download it from this link here XT181

Mtn Bis on simple server doesn't require any work of Changing ip, here is the Settings for mtn bis on simple server
Go to your network settings and in proxy server input and port 8080
Launch your simple Android server and go to general settings and input these:
Tick enable proxy
In proxy Host input
Proxy port 8080
Tick enable injection
Injection method select Get or Head
Injection query/url input or
Injection Host: or
Injection line: make a 4 line space with the arrow button on your keyboard
Press back and go to local server setting
Listening port input 8080
Buffer size is 8092
Log level is debug
Press back and go to set connect mode
If you paid for the vpn you select it but if you didn't select local server

People still complaining about etisalat social pack being slow, i tell you mine is still fast with and i don't input any ip and port in my Psiphon Handler. Also when etisalat starts to throttle my speed, i will calmly disconnect my data connection and Psiphon Handler reconnect them again and try to download anything with dolphin browser and thereby monitoring my speed.
I will do the manual way of bypassing the speed throttling and it won't take me for like 3 times it will increase.


  1. Please give me settings for MTN BBC on simple server and HTTP injector..and also etisalat smart pack ain't fast no more..changed IP tire..even apps..

  2. How can I bypass speed throttling. It used to be very easy for me on the 300h social pak but I've been unable to bypass it since day before yesterday. Please help

  3. etisalat speed cant be bypassed anymore

  4. Murphy that's for you cause mine still bypass but requires patience

  5. my simple server is not working at all with eti chat pack only upload tab counts HELP!!

  6. Temi use this ip port 3128 tested and confirmed working. Also use and make sure your network settings are APN:etisalat, ip and port 8080

  7. BBLITED and BBLITEW not subscribing again on it just me?

  8. Still working, use this method. Dial *123# and choose BlackBerry data and choose BB10 and press for more options and choose for bblited.

  9. I couldn't use simple server mtn bis on pc,what's the solution