Detailed Guideline On How To Setup Simple Android Server On Your Device

Have been receiving a lot of questions on whatsapp that simple server is stopped working but that a farce as it's still working as at now. What i noticed is that since the introduction of a vpn into the application, once it is outdated it won't work again till you update it so make sure your simple Android server is up to date.

Some usually say that it doesn't work with etisalat smart pack but that's is not true as the application work with all tweaks be it mtn BB10, Musicplus or etisalat smart pack(three popular ones) and for it to work with etisalat smart pack you have to get a proper ip and port cause an ip might work for Psiphon handler but won't work on simple server(another discovery i made).

For newcomers that is those that are new to this please this simple Android server is a tunnel software which helps to make things easier for Android users or which helps them to avoid some network restrictions. For example mtn BB10 is for blackberry but with the help of simple Android server one can use it on Android device and also this music plus which the bundle is to download songs but with the help of simple Android server which tunnels it to the whole device and work with any intermet app in your phone.

There's so many of them like Psiphon Handler, openvpn connect, tweakware and http injector. But today what am looking into is simple server as many are still finding it difficult on how to set it.

Simple server settings on mtn BB10 Bis, etisalat social pack or mtn music plus 

First go to your network settings and set your device like this
APN -       
Proxy server -
Proxy port -       8080
Authentication type-  pap

Go to simple server and set it like this.
Click general settings and input the followings for mtn BB10 or music plus;

Proxy Host-
Proxy Port -     8080
Tick enable injection
Host Replacement switch it on
Injection method choose between Get or Head
Injection Query/Url- (for mtn BB10)
Injection Host - BB10)

Injection Line -    press the arrow button on your keyboard 4                                               time

Press back and go to local server settings

Listening port -     8080
Tick use Global Proxy
Go to log level and tick debug

Press back and go to  set connection mode and select local server but if paid for  the vpn then select vpn. That's it for mtn BB10 Bis and music plus.

For etisalat smart pack change the mtn network settings to APN - etisalat, proxy and port still remain the same.
In the simple server, proxy Host and Port will be a working ip and port(check for the ips on my post on Get your latest etisalat social or chat pack ip).
In the injection Query/Url -  input or any host of your choice.
In the Injection Host -          input or any host of your choice.
These are the ones to change if you are using etisalat smart pack others remain the same with the mtn BB10 bis or mtn music plus. Update it now on Google play store.

If you are still confused or still not working for you, feel free to say it here through the comment box.


  1. My boss I found this video online on how to hack the new simple server with lucky patcher, I want to know if it will work on phones that are not rooted.

    1. Definitely No, but if you don't want to pay why not use Psiphon Handler.

    2. My bross I tried to it but not work on my phone am using chatpak what i do

  2. Meche why does eti social me pack speed throttling now seem unbypassable? It sucks big time

    1. What i do is to keep changing the host server and in my area from 7-8:45pm it is usually very difficult but other time isn't, just keep changing the host server and your ip or maybe don't use ip.

  3. My bross i tried to it but not work on my phone am using chatpak what I have to do

    1. Which ip are you using, it is working for smart pack just get the right ip. Check my post on Get your latest etisalat social or chat pack ip and get ips from there.

  4. I picked one from your post looked 3128 i followed any rules you written

    1. And it still didn't work for you?, will get back to you when am less busy

  5. Rabbilu using simple server with etisalat social pack to send this to you, it is still working and am using the first ip on my ip post.

  6. Guys the best way to get speed back is to make use of instagram for like 1minute before connecting your vpn app, I don't have a bit of p getting my speed back, sincerely it's really easy for me...I don't even use ucweb to check speed, I just stream directly...try it out guys

  7. Thanks amosu will check it out and guys try his tips too.

  8. Bypassing the. Speed throttling is close to impossible for about three days now. I've tried every method in the book. Any more suggestions .

    1. Smith are you using social pack of N300 for a week or N100 for a day cause mine is not that difficult, mine is three or four times disconnection and the speed increases.