Complete Guide On How To Use Http Injector As A Tunnel software

Learn the complete guide on how to use http injector as your tunnel software or vpn to bypass restrictions, firewall and browse free and anonymous. 

Http injector was introduced by a guy like that on October but i didn't feel like sharing it here due to the bugs and kinds stress the application came with but today i decided to share it.

Complete Guide On How to use http injector as a tunnel software or a vpn

For those that don't know about the application, this is a tunnel software like simple Android server, Psiphon Handler, openvpn connect and tweakware that is it works like them but very similar to openvpn connect cause of the configuring and importing of the servers files. So please follow the tutorial very well as the application can be little complicated.

How to configure http injector to browse etisalat or mtn 
As this is a tunnel software, it can be used with mtn BB10 Bis or the etisalat smart pack tweak and here's the step to make it work.
  • First download http injector from Google play store
  • Go to this site and create an account there 
  • When you open that link, select Europe and choose between Germany or any other in fact. 
  • Please save the the details that they will give you that is the username, Password, host name and port usually 443
  • Launch the http injector and click clear settings 
  • On the left side menu click payload 
  • In the url/host input or or 
  • In request method select connect 
  • In extra header tick X-Online-Host 
  • Then click on generate. 
  • Then click the Settings icon on the header 
  • Fill in your details that is username, Password, the host ip of the country you choose and the port. Please the port should be 443 or 22.
  • Press back and input your ip and port in the remote ip box and it should be like this exactly. 
  • Tick SSH 
  • And click start. 
Or you can download and import my already configured files below. 

Will upload more and please download it from play store. My battery is down, will get back to you guys later. 


  1. Hello admin I have been using it, but is there any way to make your account premium

  2. Oh sorry bro, but this one is for seven days and you can create your account for seven days ie a week. Will upload more servers later on.

  3. @janet this is usually the problem this approach got, what you will do is to go to your app manager and force stop and clear catche then start afresh.

  4. to find working proxies..?

  5. how to know my ip and port

  6. Anish it is working, that's for Nigeria network and you have to set it up with your own network.

  7. how to make ehi file for nepal???

  8. can we use any url/host or it is specific for a isp

  9. From the above url/host,, or is what we use to browse free here in Nigeria, but you are required to input your own country url or the url you will use to browse in the url/host.

  10. Wikipedia is free in our nation.I used that to use free internet but now the injection method doesn't work anymore throws 302 error everytime help me if you can brother.

  11. Wikipedia is free in my country and I was enjyoying free surfing but now it throws me a 302 error..I think something is wrong with injection method.I need a little help brother

  12. there should be data to use this one ? what if my url is should i use my fb app??? or i should open it at google ???

  13. How can i use it in algeria what should i change on settings

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  15. hay .my acc is not connect why

  16. hay .my usermane is Is not connect.why?
    Pls tell me.

  17. I am new here. Can you please help me on how to setup the http injector and use it together with psiphon. Am Martin from Kenya. Thanks my email address is

  18. Sorry bro you can't use use http Injector and psiphon handler together.

  19. YES. GOTO TORVPN.COM And BUY vpn access as low as $1 per month.

  20. hi admin I just wanted to know if their are premium version of http injector for android 3.2.6

  21. hi admin

    i'm from srilanka will you help me to get free internet

    i will pay you will you guide me.

    skype : saneej2
    viber /whatsapp - +94757374229


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